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  Guilty Full Movie Review: Recently in the shadow of the #metoo movement, a story about a college heart throb accused of rape by an unpopular girl.  It seems like the perfect launch pad for Dharma Productions' alleged alter ego under the aegis of Karisma Johar.  Dharmatic presents the two-hour film Guilty, which speaks about rape, consent, privilege, slut-shaming, power dynamics, she said, she said Dietrib, etc. The list is endless.  Set in an elite Delhi University college, the story is told through the Sheenigans of Dobido, a college band whose lead singer is VJ, the son of an adjacent politician.  His girlfriend Nanki (Kiara Advani) is the songwriter for the band in her black nail polish-tattoo-loving jeans-wearing-Virginia-Wolf-glory.  Enter Tanu Sharma from Dhanbad, for whom the chosen pronoun is humor, who is ignorant about his wishes - including VJ - and does not apologize for the attention he wants.  But as he is a 'scholarship kid' and does not fit into the elite, English-medium trophy, almost everyone in college keeps him at a distance.  On celebrating a Valentine's Valentine's Day, things happen and later at a time when the #metoo movement is at its peak, a tweet by Tanu accuses VJ of rape.
Guilty Netflix

  What is unravels forecast.  Different versions of events, with lawyers back and forth.  The phrase as if she was agreeing to it, ual he is a good boy 'are all heard, because the timeline has been re-created that night.  The lawyer (Tahir Shabbir) who is hired by VJ's parents is a proverbial crusader with a heart of gold, as he digs deep and goes beyond a gold digging tale.  Care has been taken to show the complexity of all - college administration, police, and finally even the bleeding heart liberal and women.

  The problem with the convict is not the subject matter or the premise.  Instead of a mainstream film on a given case, a post would have helped #metoo world take the conversation further.  But it is the second violation and instead the reluctant treatment that disappoints you.  We think the authors have demonstrated that strong, independent, expressive women should not be slut-shamed and this is not one, but the way they cut their way through it leaves a lot to be desired.  is.  Not once do we feel any empathy for any character.  Kiara Advani Adv falls into tortured-artistic-creative 'types, and Tanu Sharma dreams big with small-town girls in her ill-fitting clothes.

  Furthermore, the Dharmic, it replaces the ego of Dharma, inhabiting a world where they.  About loving the parents of their parents' brief company, working hard to counter it.  Here, the 'youth' are all smoking weed, slowing down, and talking in swear words that won't look out of place in the movie Anurag Kashyap.  But in the end, the big melodious music that takes place on a stage, Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra lehengas and lavish set all have it.  Just a nod to the humble writers, not every child from the North East in DU is called Tashi.

  As we now reside in offices where many of the accused of the #metoo movement are back and trying to deal with all of us as a society, the convict had the opportunity to carry on the conversation but it is certainly  There is no pink from  With the film's director, writer and dialogue writer all being women, the culprit could be the film that spoke to us.  Instead, it became a lost opportunity.  One additional star, just for the subject.  Go see pink again.

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  Director: Ruchi Narayan

  Produced by: Karan Johar, Anisha Baig

  Distributed: Netflix

  Author: Attika Chauhan, Kanika Dhillon

  Stars: Kiara Advani, Manu Rishi Chadha, Ashrut Jain

  Cast: Kiara Advani (Nanki Dutta), Manu Rishi Chaddha (MP Pratap VJ's father), Ashrut Jain (Ashrut), Chyan Chopra (KP), Dalip Tahil (Lawrence Mirchandani), Nikki Walia (mother of Sushma VJ), Tahir Shabbir  (Danish) Ali Baig), Sahil Mehta (Arnab Mitra), Akansha Ranjan Kapoor (Tanu Kumar)

  Genre: Drama |  Thriller

  Country: India

  Language: Hindi

  Release Date: 6 March 2020

  Runtime: 119 minutes

  Guilty Full Movie |  Official trailer

  Guilty Full Movie 2020 Netflix Download

Guilty Full Movie 2020 Netflix Download

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